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Ueda Tatsuya from UK Day 2

2nd Day
This was the day for shooting in London’s city. Getting into the bus quickly, 「First, let’s go to the Globe!」 Ueda with loads of energy said chirpily to members of the staff. 「This feels like an excursion, I am so excited!」, Ueda said, looking high at the same time. Flipping through the notes, asking the guide questions about Shakespeare’s work, Ueda looked very enthusiastic about learning.
30 minutes later, we arrived at Shakespeare’s Globe located at Bankside Southwark. Actually the building had been destroyed in a fire in 1613, this building was recreated to resemble that of the original one. Having a thatched roof, the Globe certainly had a deep classical feel. Entering the building, models that were used during plays during that era, costumes worn, props used were all displayed. Ueda went through every single of them carefully. As Ueda viewed a diagram showing the entire view of the Globe, Ueda said 「Tokyo Globe, just like this Globe, is somewhat shaped like a circle, the audience would be able to take in the atmosphere of the stage. They really took the effort to make it seem like the original work」 Ueda seemed really impressed. Thereafter, we proceeded to enter the Globe, there was no ceiling at the top of the 1st level seats, it really felt like a courtyard. 「This is where the poor people could sit and watch plays for a low price. Conversely, the royalty as well as people of high societal status sat on the 2nd and 3rd floors.」 As Ueda listened to the explanation 「Its unbelievable that the seats closer to the stage are cheaper!」 he exclaimed sounding shocked. Furthermore, the royalty if granted permission will get to sit on the balcony seats located behind the stage. 「So the kings watched the play from here..I can feel the weight of history」 Ueda said fondly. 「Shakespeare is really great for having written so many works loved by people all around the world」 Ueda commented.
「So how does it feel like to be acting in a play written by such a great man?」
Ueda: 「It feels really great. To be able to experience such a great opportunity, I really feel very grateful for this. At the same time, I am starting to feel the extent of this」
For sightseeing, it was at the Big Ben first where shots were taken in the stately grandeur surroundings followed by Westminster Abbey which is one of the world’s inherited treasures. This is a church where the ceremony for the crowning of the king of England took place; where many of the famous were buried; where many memorial plaques were erected. One of them belonged to David Garrick, a rich man, who was once the patron to Shakespeare.
「It is of great thanks to this guy that Shakespeare’s works to be spread worldwide..」Ueda said as he stared at the memorial earnestly.
「I am really glad to be here to be able to read and take in things related to Shakespeare. To see this with my own eyes with a first hand experience, I have gained a lot」 Ueda commented as his eyes shone.
Next was shooting in Covent Garden. This was where you could find fashion, shopping, restaurants all lined up against one another, a really lively street. The walls of the building were purple, pink, colours that you would rarely see in daily.
「This feels like a movie set, its so cute!」 Ueda was shocked.
Next by foot, they moved on to Trafalgar Square. This was where Napoleon led Britian to victory of the Napoleonic Wars. As Ueda looked up at the statue of Horatio Nelson, 「So you mean he actually killed people? I kind of like Napoleon but oh well for today I shall be a fan of Nelson.」
And so they wrapped up the day’s filming and proceeded to watch a musical. That day, Ueda watched 「 Billy Elliot the Musical」 held at Victoria Palace Theatre. In Japan, the movie was released as a DVD called Little Dancer and Ueda had actually watched it before.
「Since the lines of the musical are in English, in order to enjoy the musical to the fullest without any regrets, I decided to watch the DVD first to check the story!」
This story talks about a boy who an awakening to ballet, who received a lot of support from his surroundings to develop his potential and realise his dreams. The main lead was a 13 year old boy who managed to danced ballet, tap and flew magnificently, it was indeed impressive!
Ueda who looked visibly aroused after the show 「Tomorrow, I feel like performing Romeo and Juliet! The musical was really enjoyable and I managed to learn a lot too!」 Ueda seemed really excited. After which, the schedule for the day ended.
When enquired about how he felt about the day, Ueda: 「Today, I fell in love with London! Its really great, the atmosphere on the streets, the food is really delicious too! Visiting various places related to Shakespeare, that was really great too! Tomorrow we will be visiting the town where Shakespeare was born, I want to know more about this guy!」


2nd Day
這一天是倫敦市內的攝影。一早就上了外景巴士。「讓我們先去The Globe吧!」元氣滿滿的跟staff說話的上田君。「好像去郊遊一樣的呢~」熱情高漲的樣子。閱覽著相關資料,向導遊詢問關於莎士比亞的作品的問題,讓我們看到了他努力學習的樣子。

在作為觀光名勝的大笨鐘周邊韻味濃厚的景色裡拍完照,然後就來到了世界遺產的Westminster教堂,英國國王的加冕儀式都會在這個教堂裡舉行,並且有很多名人被埋葬在這裡建了紀念碑。其中有一位就是莎士比亞的贊助者,叫做David Garrick的大富豪。聽說因為有了這個人的贊助莎士比亞才可以揚名世界,上田認真的瞻仰了他的紀念碑,「在這裡也能看到有關莎士比亞的東西真是開心。自己親眼看到才感同身受的到」眼睛閃閃發亮的樣子也讓人難忘。

下面是去Covent Garden拍攝。這裡有很多時尚的店舖和餐廳,非常有活力的地方。建築的牆壁也有很多紫色或者粉紅色之類日本很少看到的顏色。上田驚歎的說「好像是電影的佈景一樣好可愛啊」。然後徒步前往TRAFALGAR廣場。這裡有英國和法國拿破侖軍隊當年海戰時侯指揮英國軍隊獲得勝利的Horario Nelson提督的紀念碑。「這個人戰勝了拿破侖?其實我還滿喜歡拿破侖的耶⋯⋯那,從今天開始我去做Nelson提督的fan吧~」(笑)

一天的攝影也平安結束,晚上去觀看音樂劇。今天上田去觀看的是在Victoria Palace Theater上演的〈BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL〉這部作品。其實在日本這部作品的電影版有上映過並且發行了DVD,名字叫做〈Little Dancer〉,上田君之前已經看過DVD了。「舞台的台詞是英語吧。所以聽不懂內容會很鬱悶的,所以先看了DVD瞭解了故事情節才來的!」這個故事是說,某個少年發掘了自己作為芭蕾舞演員的才能,在周圍人的幫助下終於讓這個才能開花結果。主角是13歲的少年,華麗的芭蕾,舞蹈和飛天,還有唱歌,真的是很強很感人!上田也在看完之後受到了相當的刺激,「明天就想開始演Romeo&Juliet的本番了呢(笑)。真的就是這麼熱情高漲,學了很多東西!」在這樣的大興奮中,今天一天的行程終於結束了。被問到今天的感想,「今天讓我變的好喜歡倫敦!不管是街上的氣氛還是美味的食物,都很贊!能去到和莎士比亞有段的地方很開心。明天去莎士比亞出生的地方,想要更深刻的瞭解人物背後的性格!」上田如此開心的說到。

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